Are You Ready for a House?

If you’ve been renting for years, you are probably sick and tired of seeing your rent money going toward nothing substantial. You no longer want to see your money swirl down the drain, so you are thinking about buying your own home somewhere on the Western Slope. However, some people simply aren’t quite ready to get a new home right now. You do not want to try to buy a home only to find out that you simply can’t afford it. Let’s look at some signs to see if you are on the cusp of getting into a property you can call your own.


First, it’s all about the finances. You have to be ready to buy a home financially, and that means more than just having a down payment. It is important to have a good job that’s reliable and that pays enough to cover the mortgage and all of your other expenses. Keep in mind that owning a home means you will need to have extra money for taking care of emergencies. If there is a plumbing problem, for example, you have to be the one to take care of it rather than simply calling management or the Priority Plumbing.


Second, a home takes more upkeep than an apartment. You have to make sure that you keep the lawn under control. You need to have a reliable painting contractor to paint the house every few years as well. Do you have the time to take care of these things? If you don’t, do you have the extra money to pay someone to take care of it?


Never get into a house if you really aren’t ready. Look at the pros and the cons, and all of the expenses that come with buying a home, and then you can buy. Don’t worry; you will find some great properties on the Western Slope if you buy tomorrow or if you have to wait another year.



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