How to Prep Your Home for Sale

How to Prep Your Home for Sale

You can’t just throw your house on the market and expect it to sell. There are several things you’ll need to do in order to prepare the property for the market, whether you intend to stay in the home while it sells or you’re about to move out and into a new one waiting the house movers coming in a minute.

Curb Appeal

You need to look beyond the inside of your home. If it’s not appealing from the curb, there’s little incentive to see what the rest of the house looks like. Is your paint faded? Is your walkway cracked and broken? Is your fence falling apart? Make your home more appealing from the street first.

Your Front Door

While your landscape and the home’s exterior will make the first impression on your potential buyers, your front door also says a lot about the property. If you can’t afford to replace an aging front door with something nicer, consider repainting or staining the one you have.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Whether your home is occupied or empty, it’s important that it be clean when potential buyers come inside. You can hire maid service in Long Island to clean your windows, mop the floors, and remove those pesky stains from the kids. The cleaner your home is, the more appealing it will be.

Eliminate Eyesores

Sure, that vibrant peach and red bedroom is lovely, but chances are good that your buyers aren’t going to be too thrilled with it. Consider repainting any eyesores in the house, even if they’re things you personally love about the place. Also pay attention to your garage doors condition (find basic tips at


Consider depersonalizing as much of your home as possible. Take down personal photos. Pack up your grandmother’s quilt. Eliminating personal items helps your buyers envision themselves in your home.

Follow these simple tips to help make your home sell faster once it goes on the market.


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  1. Curb appeal plays a huge part in selling your home. Someone driving down the street will usually call their realtor when they see a house they are interested in and that is usually based solely on the neighborhood and what your home looks like from the street. Thanks so much for sharing.


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