Tips for Selling your Condo

Tips for Selling a Condo in Grand Junction

If you are getting ready to move out of your condo so you can buy a single family home, you have to make sure that you sell your place and get a good price for it. However, selling a condo can be a bit different from selling a traditional property, so make sure that you are doing it right. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most important things that you need to know and do.


You need to make sure that you price the unit in line with other similar units in the area. If you price too high, then people will not even look at the property. If you price too low, you will be losing money. Create an ad for your condo, and make sure that you take some video and photos of the place. Always make sure that the images and video you post are high quality so that it really shows off what your place has to offer.


Make sure that you know the rules for selling according to the condo board. For example, you may have certain rules imposed on when you can sell and to whom you can sell. In some cases, you may need preapproval before selling. That’s not the case with all associations, but you do need to make sure you know the rules. Your best option here is to hire a professional realtor who knows how to sell condos. They can help you find the best price, and make sure that your property ends up in front of the right buyers.


Many people who are looking to buy property in Grand Junction, CO are looking for condos (same demand for the oceanfront condos in Hilton Head for sale). As long as you are pricing it right and work with a real estate agent, you shouldn’t have too much trouble selling.



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